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Long Range AHD     AHD-9-14Z    SPL: 152dB      Download PDF

The AHD-9-14Z has been designed for perfect intelligibility over and above the background noise of a loud outboard motor (86dB), at 1850m. Both on land and at sea, AHD-9-14Z is the perfect communicator for commercial security, CBRN, merchant shipping, naval applications, emergency services, oil & gas platforms and port, border protection & airport bird scaring.

The AHD configuration shown gives a directional acoustic beam of nominally 20° x
20°. If the user requires a broadcast capability then as an option, the system can be
re-configured into a vertical arrangement producing a 40° x 20° beam. This may be
particularly useful when addressing a number of vessels or personnel across flat terrain.

The device has a unique modular construction. With just one operator, the system can be removed from its case, assembled and fully functional in less than 15 minutes. Furthermore its modular construction allows it to be (optionally) divided in two and the two halves positioned separately. The Independent acoustic horn assemblies facilitate system redundancy and simplified maintenance/repair.

Full remote control allows operation from a position of safety.

The AHD-9-14Z if fully marinized and designed to withstand the harshest of environments.

All our systems have suitable inputs for connecting an iPod, MP3 player, or CD Player or other external source. All systems can be fitted with a range of UHF wireless microphone options.

Standard mountings allow the system to be fitted to a stand or guard rail as appropriate.

Weight: From 40kg. Largest single unit 12kg.
Dimensions (mm): 560W x 490D x 675H.

SPL: 152dB
Range: i.e. theoretical distance, from the speaker, at which a loud (76dB) voice can still be heard, assuming no background noise. Voice 6000m (reducing to 1850m for 86dB), Alarm 7800m (clarification).