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MegaVox      Mega-7500     SPL: 126dB
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The Megavox is professional portable PA system designed for security, police, event organisers and sports teachers looking for a light weight flexible solution for public address applications. An excellent companion for the outdoor trainer. It has a SPL of 124dB is weather proof with a six year guarantee and weighs just 6.8 kilos. It is a practical solution that is realistically priced.

All our systems have suitable inputs for connecting an iPod, MP3 player, or CD Player or other external source. All systems can be fitted with a range of UHF wireless microphone options.

Can be fitted to a stand.

Weight: 6.8kg.
Dimensions (mm): 230W x 360D x 330H.
SPL: 126dB
Range: i.e. theoretical distance, from the speaker, at which a loud (76dB) voice can still be heard, assuming no background noise.
Voice 315m, Alarm 410m (clarification).