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Wet Mega         TR315S       SPL: 115dB       Download PDF

The Wet Mega is a 1 kg, handheld battery powered high quality megaphone. It is used by boats coxswains, fire brigades and event organisers. Speech range of 89m and alarm tone 116m.

All our systems have suitable inputs for connecting an iPod, MP3 player, or CD Player or other external source including the optional Phraselator phrase translation system. All systems can be fitted with a range of UHF wireless microphone options.

Weight: 1.1kg.
Dimensions (mm): 320L x Ø208
SPL: 115dB
Range: i.e. theoretical distance, from the speaker, at which a loud (76dB) voice can still be heard, assuming no background noise. Voice 89m, Alarm 116m (clarification).